Start - Enter
Move - Directional Arrows
Interact - A or Z

The Old Explosives Mine is an interactive story game made for Game Boy but playable in your browser or on your phone!

You enter an old explosives mine to find the mysteries inside.

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Really well made!

Great art, setting and idea.

I did run into a bug that wouldn't let me push the cart in the way I needed to progress to continue, it just automatically pushed it backwards.

Would've loved to have seen the end!

Deleted 227 days ago

I've updated the game, it's now able to be completed! I hope the end satisfies you, I haven't tested it extensively, please tell me what you think!


Love love love love love the art! It's really well done! I also liked the puzzle elements. Very impressive for a 2-day game jam!

Deleted 227 days ago