TIR2 QoL Update - 'Skip To Next Race' and more fixes

Since releasing last Saturday, I have received a lot of really useful feedback from the community. It has been an amazing feeling to finally release Take It Racing 2, and I can't thank you all enough for the support you have given me! I will be posting these small bug fixes as I work on the game. There are bigger updates planned, the main being an in depth tutorial to help get to grips with the mechanics, and singular races between Championship races. As for this update, I have:

  • Added 'skip to next race' feature to calendar
  • Removed a couple 'end tutorial here?' choices as they felt excessive
  • The question mark on the 'current standings' screen now tells you the points of the other racers (after race 1 is complete)
  • Minor UI bug fixes; K looks less like a H on money, calendar date is now ../01/1950, not ../04/1950
  • Fixed bug that told you you can't enter the Championship if you have the Ryder Huntsman

Both the web version and the downloadable ROM have been updated with these changes.


Take It Racing 2 Pre-Alpha Demo V.1.1 Web.zip Play in browser
Mar 09, 2021
Take It Racing 2 Pre-Alpha Demo V.1.1 ROM.zip 124 kB
Mar 09, 2021

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Great improvements!

Thank you so much! It was with your help!