Space Crawler is a prototype made for the Game Boy. You play as a botanist who traverses the galaxy in search of seeds. To fly your ship, interact with the terminal at the seat on your ship.

ActionGame Boy
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D-PadArrow keys
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In Space Crawler you can talk to people, walk around space stations and your ship, fly through space at the navigators seat, look at the Galaxy map from your computer, plant seeds to collect plants and cryo-sleep to pass time.

This game was made with GB Studio for the Game Boy Competition 2021 and GBJAM9. The artwork was made with GIMP and Tiled. The music was made with OpenMPT.

Install instructions

This game is not an executable. It is a Game Boy ROM to be played on a Game Boy or with an emulator.


Space Crawler ROM 512 kB


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finally got this itch thing working.Here's the link i was trying to send ya.

Awesome! Just a heads up, you can make it playable in browser so people can more easily give you feedback! I will play it on my Game Boy when I get time this week!

Wow. This obviously has a lot of time and care put into it. Music rocks, graphics rock, atmosphere rocks, this is a good game. I hope after this jam you keep working on this, I'm floore


This is fantastic.

Everything about this demo is gorgeous.The art gives me good space vibes love it, and that music is so smooth,I didn't think game boy music could be so smooth.

Was there a ship dock in the asteroid belt? If there was I couldn't find it. The arrows wasn't very helpful in that area, and I got frustrated so I decided to move on.

Also you should add some indicator to show where you can exit the screen. Found myself rubbing my ship against the right space border until I found the small part that lets me leave.

9/10 Perfect other then minor issues.

All and all I don't think I'd mind having a space harvest moon. :3


I'm so glad it has such good vibes! And I'm glad you liked the music, I tried to make sure it wasn't too grating or repetitive.
There is no port in the asteroid belt, it is just a pass through place for now. I may add something else to it in the future though. I should have made it more clear there is nothing there, sorry.
In the final game, I want every direction to lead somewhere different so all boarders will have a trigger!
Thank you for playing! I also think a space Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley is such a cool idea


Ah, no prob, I just thought I was missing something. Should probably remove the arrows there if you ever use that screen.

Yes the space farming is good, very good...


Amazing! You nailed the "space feeling". Can´t wait to see what you come up with the gameplay. I would love to get lost in space searching for life and growing it in the spaceship!

I agree, I think this has a lot of potential, I just need to really think about it and flesh it out.


Looks very interesting, nice design work!

Thank you so much!