Hack-R is a mini-game prototype made during Mini Jam 63: Future and Vim Jam: Collectables (8 Bits to Infinity). The game is set in a cyberpunk style future where you are tasked with recovering files from a computer. 

Move - Arrows or WASD
(A) Interact/Skip Text - Z or J

The palette is made up of 8 colours, all picked from the required Mini Jam palette: White: #f1f0ee, Red: #ff4d4d, Dark Red (player): #9f1e31, Yellow (folder): #ffc438, Blue: #3259e2, Dark Grey-Blue (background): #2a3747, and the greys for desaturated areas; Light: #96a5ab, Dark: #586c79.

I personally created all assets for the game inducing the music. I used GB Studio to create the game itself.

If you would like more levels or more games like this, please leave me some feedback below!

Made withTiled, GIMP, GB Studio
Tags2D, Game Boy, Hacking, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Smartphone
AccessibilitySubtitles, High-contrast


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great game, it was quite fun playing it.


Amazing game! 10/10 Hop you win!

Thank you so much!

I loved it! The graphics, sounds and gameplay really deliver the GB experience. Loved the little puzzles and the extra details around the stages as well. Making the movement more rigid could help with controls. Great game!


I'm so glad it felt like a GB game! I'll reconsider the controls and movement when I take this onto a full game, thank you for playing!

A suggestion I'd make is to make the movement move rigid and tile based, visually it looks great and was a fun play, but the movement felt out of place.

Thank you for playing! The movement is tile based, but the tiles are 8 pixels wide while the player is 16 wide, and that might be where the trouble is, thank you for voicing your concerns though, I will think about how to solve this problem!